Paragliding In Nepal

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Paragliding In Nepal

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: 

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Paragliding In Nepal
  • Featured Paragliding Area

    Featured Paragliding Area

    Paragliding in Nepal is a seasonal adventure sport; the flying season in Nepal starts in November, and continue through to February

  • Everest Region Trek

    The Everest region is considered to be most popular trekking region in Himalayas. Located in eastern Nepal, the Everest

  • Annapurna Region

    The Annapurna region lies towards the north of Central Nepal between Dhaulagiri & Manaslu mountains. Annapurna is

  • Langtang Region

    Langtang region is one of the most preferred Trekking region of Nepal. Langtang is situated to the North of Capital city

  • Adventure Trek

    Dolpo is the remotest and the largest district of Nepal which is  situated in the mid western region. Dolpo covers about

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