Mt Kailash Tour

  • Mt. Kailash tour is the pilgrimage tour which is located in the far west region of Tibet. Mt. Kailash which is also known as the Sumeru Parbat in Hindu epics is the sacred mountain for Hindu people who believe that it is the abode of Hindu God Shiva. Hindu as well as the Buddhist believes that it is the holy centre of the universe. Mt Kailash is 6714m high with snow capped vertical landscape in four sheer walls. Kailash tour offers the enriching spirituality and unique nature which will be your lifetime journey. The main attraction of the Kailash tour is the holy Mt. Kailash and the sacred Manasarovar Lake which is 30 km away from the Kailash Mountain. Manasarovar Lake is believed to be created by the Brahma for his worship and meditation and believed as the source of all creation.  The lake lies at the altitude of 4556m and is extended over 320 sq. km. In this place thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit every year. The follower of the Buddhist Bon Po and Jainism also visit this place. Thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims embark on this Mt. Kailash tour believing that it gives them the enlightenment. The pilgrims believed that the circumambulation of  Mt. Kaliash in one day cleanse all their past sins and bring good fortune. Hindu and Buddhist circumambulate in a clock wise direction and Jain and Bon Po in an anti clock wise direction.  From the Mt. Kailash four of the world largest rivers flow in the four cardinal directions which include the Brahmaputra (yarlung Tsangopo), Indus River, the Sutlej River and the Karnali. Mt. Kailash tour begins with the scenic drive from Kathmandu to Nylam of Tibet via Araniko Highway. While travelling to the Kailash Manasarovar, you enjoy the scenic beauty of the Tibet as well as the Tibetan plateau which is the highest of plateau of the world. On the way you can explore the Tibetan culture, Tibetan landscapes as well as visit the famous places of the Tibet. During the Mt. Kailash tour, you can enjoy the unique beauty of Tibetan desert, vistas of the world's towering mountains as well as encounter nomad sheep herders.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1310m.)
    You are greeting welcome in the Himalayan kingdom Nepal. After you arrive at TIA, the representative of greets of welcome and takes you the hotel which you have already informed. The hotel staff will engage for your accommodation and check in. In evening we arrange the welcome dinner in the hotel.
    Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing and preparation for Trekking
    Today after taking breakfast we will provide you the guide who will take you the famous cultural and historical site of Kathmandu. Among them the UNIESCO enlisted world heritage site may the primary place of visit. Boudhanath (Buddhist shrine), Pashupatinath (sacred Hindu temple), Swayambhunath (monkey temple), Durbar square, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar etc. after 2/3 o’clock or lunch time you should involve pri-trip discussion with your guide and well preparation for trekking. Guide of give the brief about the upcoming trekking spot and route.  You get dinner in the hotel.
    Day 03: Drive to Nylam (3750m.)
    In the tour of Mt. Kailash, we have different experience. Mainly our tour is starts in bus, normally; we drive continuously 7/8 days with the views of mountain and vegetations. In the morning after breakfast we start our driving journey from Kathmandu. We will stop 150 km far from Kathmandu named Nyalam. And stay overnight there in Nyalum.
    Day 04: Drive to Saga (4450m.)
    After taking breakfast we will visit Nylam some hours and again lead to Saga. Saga is at the height of 4450 meters from the sea level. We drive 7/8 hours to reach Saga. We have to pass at least 230 km that day. The bus ran over the rocky mountain and jungle. On the way you get chance to see the thousands of yaks and sheep gage on grassland. The various lake and nomads can perceive. The Bharma Putra River continuously flowing on your journey and finally you will reach Saga and overnight at Saga.
    Day 05: Drive to Paryang
    After some sightseeing in Saga we head to Paryang which is 230 km far. On the process of journey we get chance to see the rivers, grazing land of sheep and yak, vegetation and green forest. Little apart to south the snow capped mountain, rocky peaks and sand dune attract your eyes. You would compare the land as ideal world. Your vehicles will stop after reaching Paryang which is at the altitude of 4600 meters. Paryang will wait your arrival. You see the busy market in Paryang   especially mobile shopkeepers and nomads. Overnight at Prayang.
    Day 06: Drive to Manasarovar (4558m.)
    The journey will start at the same time after breakfast. Some popular place of various stations can be seen. The representative of helps you to provide the new and attractive spot to visit through the way around. We will cross the road near about 7/8 hours. Normally we drive long road then other day. From the way you will have offers the superb views of Holy Kailash Parbat and Manasarovar.  You can’t reach at Manasarovar today but near this there is tiny village, you can live there.     
    Day 07: Trek to Manasarovar
    This is our most important day of Mt Kailash tour. With the representative of you will head to Manasarovar Lake. The sacred lake of fresh water is stated, where fishes are living their live and swans are playing. Manasarovar Lake has surrounded by famous Holy Kailash Parbat, Lake Rashekshi and Mt Gurula Mandala. The amazing lake gives you proper enjoy. The blue lake can see different in moonlight. In your Manasarovar lake trek you see the Gangdise Mountain. The magnificent scene of 88km circle and 90 meters deep Lake Manasarovar makes you ramble. Night will be spent at Chu Gumba.    
    Day 08: Drive to Tarchan
    Today we head to Tarchen after taking breakfast. Tarchen is 40 km far from Chu Gumba. The Tarchan is the base camp of Holy Kailash Parikrama.  Overnight at Tarchan.
    Day 09: Trek to Dehara Puk (5000m.)
    In the morning we take breakfast. In the exhilarating day of trekking, you walk around 7/8 hours in rocky cliffs, waterfalls and vegetations. The occasional face of Kailash Parbat in trekking of Mt Kailash, tries to unguent in your fatigue. Your attendance in this region and the cloudy sky fells you the presents of the god with you. We will stop after 15 km far from Chu Gumba.    
    Day 10: Trek to Dolma – La Pass
    Today our trekking is more interesting and difficult. Shiva Sthal and Parvati Sthal are amazing destination. There are two way if you climb up you wil reach Shiva Sthal and when you descend down you reach Parvati Sthal and Gauri Kunda in your trail. After some time you will reach Zuthal Puk and live there whole night. 
    Day 11: Drive back to Takla Kot
    After trekking breakfast your backing trip will start. With the various scene and vegetation we will able to back to Takla Kot. Overnight at Guest house.
    Day 12: Drive to Sera or Khojarnath Temple and fly back to Nepalgunj
    In the morning after breakfast we head to the Khojarnath Temple. The temple is of Lord Ram, Laxman and Sita. Sometime sightseeing we head back to Simikot through Sega. The helicopter will wait you. We will arrive at Nepalgunj and busy on sightseeing Nepalgunj. Overnight at Nepalgunj.  
    Day 13: fly back to Kathmandu
    In the morning we will busy for daily activities. We go to Nepalgunj airport and fly back to Kathmandu. And again transfer to the hotel.
    Day 14: Farewell Day
    On the last day, we bid goodbye to the guest as visit in Nepal comes to the end for this time. If you have time enough, you can have sightseeing and purchasing the token of love from Nepal. Before 3 hours of scheduled flight, a representative of will take you to the TIA. On your way home, you will have plenty of time to plan your next adventurous visit with recollection of experiences.

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