Full Day Kathmandu Heritage Tour

  • Tour Code                                             : ASHT

    Duration                                                 : Six House

    Mode of Transport                              : Private car/van/bus
    Starting Point                                       : Adventure Speed 

    Tour Cost                                              : US$ 60 per person 

    Tour Coverage                                     : Kathmandu durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Buddhanath

    About Tour:

    Bouddhanath is the largest and the most fascinating stupa ever built in Nepal. This stupa is known as of Boudhanath, the god of perception. This stupa stands upon a massive octagonal basement. It is in various levels of terraces, painted in pastel, and adorned with prayer flags of five different colors. The area of Boudhanath is also known as 'Mini Tibet' since you will see a large number of monasteries, which were constructed mostly in Tibetan style in last three decades. The settlement of Boudhanath has the largest community of Tibetan refugees.

    Pashupatinath - Pashupatinath, situated 5 km east of Kathmandu is dedicated to Lord Shiva, with two-tiered golden roof and silver door is considered one of the holiest shrines for Hindus. Although only Hindus are allowed inside the temple, visitors can clearly see the temple and the activities performed in the temple premises from the eastern bank of the Bagmati River.

    Kathmandu Durbar Square - is a wondrous cluster of ancient temples, palaces, courtyards and streets. The most noteworthy among them are the Hanumandhoka palace complex, and the Taleju temple. Even to date, all major state and social ceremonies, including the solemnization of coronations, are carried out in one or the other courtyards within this complex. The royal enclave presently houses three museums. The monuments in and around the area are so charming that each appears more wondrous than the one next to it. During this tour, you will also visit the Temple of Kumari (the Living Goddess) who represents a very ancient Hindu deity of Nepal locally known as Taleju, is Buddhist by birth. The building has intricately carved wooden balconies and window screens. The Kumari acknowledges greetings from her balcony window. Once a year, during Indra Jatra festival, the King of Nepal seeks the Kumari's blessings


    Swayambhunath: is one of the most revered and widely worshipped deities in Nepal. The Swayambhunath Temple is one of the most sacred and holy places in Nepal, where people from all around Nepal come to offer prayers. The appearance and the structure of the temple have added an enigmatic charm to it. There is a conical structure that is mounted by a golden spire. The eyes of Buddha on almost the temple's summit, have added a special effect to the temple. The eyes of Buddha look in all the four directions. 


    Swayambhunath Temple has Lord Buddha as its primary deity, by the name of Swayambhunath. The temple is lovingly called the 'monkey temple', for the innumerable monkeys that have made the temple their permanent residence. Located in the Kathmandu Valley, the temple can be reached by ascending 365 steps. The temple was built in the fifth century. 


    The stupa in the Swayambhunath Temple in Nepal is the most attractive part of the temple. The golden spire and the dome of the structure can be seen from all parts of the Kathmandu Valley. The surrounding areas of Swayambhunath Temple, Nepal have several shrines, chaityas, paintings of various deities and many more religious objects of interest. The reference of this grand temple was also found in mythology. Due to architectural and structural magnificence, the Swayambhunath Temple at Nepal has been put in the category of world heritage site.




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